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 I. How to adjust the new Facebook’s privacy settings

Our guest post today is Dan Manolescou.

Facebook started to roll-out for users its new privacy settings. Note that these privacy settings may not yet be available for everyone in the same day as not all users get them in the same time (geographical position, time, etc). So keep an eye out when they’re implemented so you can change your settings.
First of all, once the new settings are available for your account you will be offered a tour of those new settings. But let’s say you miss this tour somehow, so this would not be any problem.
Here are the tips:


 II. Online Safety News

Thursday 8th Septembre:

-ecrimeexpert blog: ‘On Wednesday 7th September 2011, the European Parliament, in Brussels hosted the PRIVACY PLATFORM: “The Transatlantic Dimension of Data Protection“.


 III. ITU Child Online Protection (COP) aims to tackle cybersecurity holistically, addressing legal, technical, organizational and procedural issues as well as capacity building and international cooperation.

Our children are our future. This universal fact, coupled with young people’s particular vulnerability in an online environment, made a specialized initiative within the larger Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA) framework a necessity. The legal, technical and institutional challenges posed by the issue of cybersecurity are global and far-reaching and can only be addressed through a coherent strategy taking into account the role of different stakeholders and existing initiatives, within a framework of an international collaborative network.

Key objectives of COP:

Identify risks and vulnerabilities to children in cyberspace

Create awareness

Develop practical tools to help minimise risk

Share knowledge and experience


IV. Collaboration in critical times

Information security has never been more challenging. Recognising that domestic measures alone are inadequate, IMPACT seek to bridge the gap between the domestic and international as well as the public and private spheres in countering cyber threats. IMPACT’s partnership with alliances, academia, industry and international bodies allows them to strengthen their capacity and capabilities individually to collectively ensure the protection and security of each government’s cyberspace and critical national ICT infrastructure.

IMPACT’s collaborative platform serves as a gateway for partnership opportunities with the ITU’s 192 Member States. It promotes greater cooperation and alliances in combating cyber threats. IMPACT is the physical, operational home of the ITU’s GCA which is built upon five strategic pillars and made up of seven main strategic goals.

IMPACT will facilitate the implementation of activities aimed at meeting the GCA’s strategic goals by developing and proposing forward-looking global strategies through wide ranging expertise, taking into account current and existing initiatives.

 Partners industry: Microsoft, Kasperky, Symantec, F-secure, Trend Micro, Satorys, High-Tech Bridge, Guard Time,  PolcyB, Bricade, E-       Crime Expert:


  V. Ediscovery and DataProtection Daily


  Cookie monitoring?! No way…just a “coincidence” « E-crime Expert blog

  ecrimeexpertblog.wordpress.com - Yesterday, E-Crime Expert presented some privacy risks  associated with the Internet usage here. Today, it is presented how one could be monitored through a cookie, regardless that starting with May...



"The review of the EU Data Protection Framework" recorded stream: Wednesday 16th March 2011 12:30-14:30 from the European Parliament-Brussels.

Presentations: Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission, Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.

Oral question addressed in this meeting with reference to awareness campaign address to Internet users. http://www.greenmediabox.eu/archive/2011/03/16/privacy/

See minute: 1:38:10 to 1:39:20

 VII. The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework v. The State of Online Consumer Privacy in the US


E-Discovery, Privacy and Social Media Law


 VIII. Virtual Assistant in Wales

Outwit the hackers make password harder


 IX. From Fly A Kite

Some excellent resources linked here from our partner E-crime Expert with the kind authorisation of Dan Manolescu LLM here: http://flyakite.org/kite-pics/